Fresh out of the blocks! A current artist who’s love of music enables freedom in his own expression of the arts. His vocal ability is without doubt something that has to be witnessed with both the ear and the eye, Faheem has without any doubt, announced himself onto the world stage as someone to watch.

With idols such as Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie and Sam Cooke, Faheem also holds deep appreciation for many current artists such as Jessie J, Sam Smith and Tori Kelly, all of whom are seen as levels of achievement in which he is constantly aiming to reach within the music industry.

2015 has certainly been a year in which Faheem has enjoyed a more positive and inspiring year. Maybe we can say with a “subtle tone” that Faheem has somewhat, “matured” into what could only be described as the remnants of a dying breed in which case reignites the soul of yesterday with his own modern day twist?

From his debut EP which he named with a deep determination, The point of departure was a statement in which Faheem finally gave caution to the wind and stepped away from the office and into the world of business. What followed was a year that gave him the foundations to finally make an assault on the world of music and after 4 label releases that reached respectable heights in 3 different countries, along with a number of personal projects and achievements, Faheem found himself taking on much bigger and daring projects like recently impressing the country on BBC’s, The Voice UK.

As we are all well aware, Faheem got the fastest ever turn from Will-I-Am in what was a popular hashtag, #2secondturn.

That rendition of “Let’s Marvin Gaye” wasn’t normally the type of song Faheem would sing but it certainly, if nothing else, shown his versatility and ability to take on new challenges as he completely smashed his blind audition.

It wasn’t only Will who turned though! Ricky waited until quite late in the performance to turn his chair and made a massive effort to persuade Faheem to join his team but lets face it, Will got there first with his quick fire turn and we all know that Will doesn’t turn easily, he went for the crazy dude in the hat!

The Next round is “The Battles” where you can see Faheem go head to head with another of his team mates…

In the mean time, be sure to tune in and support Faheem in all that he does!

Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.